We’re pretty empty of content at the minute, but you can be reassured that somewhere out there we have an infinite number generator translating those numbers into ASCII characters and using machine learning to detect if the resulting code is meaningless gibberish or solid gold worthy of this web site. As soon as we’ve got something, we’ll let you know.


We are an IT Consultancy business based in the UK. We focus our efforts on Microsoft and End User Computing (EUC). Just for laughs we also through in some software development to smooth things along and glue together the technology that doesn’t quite do what we want out of the box.


You can contact us at any time on Twitter or LinkedIn or any of the other public-facing bits of the internet we have a presence on. If worse comes to the worst you can go old school on us and right or ring us on the details below.




x9000.com Consulting Services Limited, 41, Galingale View, Newcastle, ST5 2GQ