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What we do

We quickly engineer solutions to your technology issues. Where your expensive off-the-shelf tooling did 90% of your project, there was always the last 10% can’t be handled and results in manual workarounds or untidy finishes. This is where a specialist can create bespoke tooling to fit your needs. Maybe it’s some PowerShell scripting, a clever Windows Service, or a reporting tool, we’ve built solutions for all these where major vendors have been left wanting.

Your organisation has built some security debt and there are too many people with too many rights? You are relying on passwords that are universal to all devices and can’t easily be changed when staff move on to other jobs? You may just need a security delegation plan to address these issues – remember, by default nobody should be in the “domain administrators” group of your organisation; every long-term member of that group is a security failure that should be addressed before you wake up to find yourself the victim of a ransomware attack that could have been easily blocked.

Migrations or just keeping the show on the road, we can offer advice, skills and engineering solutions which can simplify and secure your infrastructure and services.


We are a small IT consultancy practice based in the UK that have been offering high quality services to companies across the world for almost 20 years. Our solutions have been introduced in lots of organisations employing many thousands or people to reduce costs, increase security, monitoring and to aid migrations and change programs.


New articles about solutions and best practices for your organisation will appear here soon, Watch this space!


You can contact us at any time on Twitter or LinkedIn or any of the other public-facing bits of the internet we have a presence on. If worse comes to the worst, you can go old school on us and write or ring us on the details below.




x9000.com Consulting Services Limited, 41 Galingale View, Newcastle, ST5 2GQ